• If you are having ongoing hamstring injuries contact VSRC and Daniel Comerford┬ácan help develop a program for you.
  • These exercises are high level rehabilitation and prehabilitation exercises used at AFL level by experienced athletes.
  • Do not attempt these exercises without referring to a health professional first.
2 Responses to Hamstring Rehabilitation Exercises
  1. I like the single leg clean to box step and the split stance squat to good morning. I’ve never seen those before. They look amazing! how did they come about?

    • Thanks for the commet Tasher. You have a good blog going. i have learnt and refined a lot of my exercises from two main people/groups. http://elitesportsperformance.com.au/ – These guys are powerlifters and have worked with a variety of elite athletes. I was lucky I was able to lift with them for a while. Also Frans Bosch, I was lucky to have him come spend a week with us at the Brisbane Lions. Get a hold of his videos. I will be doing a series of blog posts in the coming months on hamstring rehab from start to finish. There is a few different elements versus standard rehab. Running daily v Running Day On/Day Off. Using palpation, not pain to guide progressions.


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